Greg's Plan for DuPage County District 3

Controlling Property Taxes

Illinois is the most taxed burdened state in the Nation.  Unfortunately, the citizens of DuPage County often bear the brunt of that burden through skyrocketing property taxes.  As a DuPage tax payer, Greg is committed to controlling property taxes by voting against the County’s annual property tax levy.  By keeping DuPage’s property taxes in check, Greg will help to enhance our business climate, keep residents in their homes, and attract prospective residents to choose DuPage as the premiere destination to live and raise their families.


Streamlining Government & Boosting Efficiency

As a professional management consultant, Greg spends every day helping some of the country’s largest companies identify new and innovative ways to boost productivity, identify efficiencies, and operate more cost-effectively.  Greg is excited and uniquely positioned to apply the skills and business principles he learned as a management consultant to County government.  Greg will work with Chairman Cronin and his fellow County Board Members to not only continue the success the County has had at cutting costs, but to also identify new and innovative ways to streamline government operations and reduce waste.


Improving Zoning Oversight & Governance

Greg understands that part of what makes DuPage County special is the perfect balance between economic growth and quality of life for residents.  Greg will work with the County’s Development Committee and Building & Zoning Department to maximize land use and grow DuPage’s economy – all while ensuring proper oversight to maintain the charm of District 3’s neighborhoods and avoid negative impacts to resident’s property values.


Prioritizing Public Safety

The safety and security of our families and property is always the top concern for the residents of DuPage County District 3. As a property owner, husband, and soon-to-be father of a baby girl, Greg shares this concern and will make it his top priority on the County Board. He will work with the DuPage County State’s Attorney and Sheriff’s Office to ensure law enforcement has the necessary tools needed to keep DuPage’s crime rate low and protect our residents and their property.